Public Relationship Team

Public Relationship

Purpose of the PR team

The Public Relationship Team is set up for extending the alliance relationship to other Chinese and non-Chinese organizations to solicit funding, collect information, and establish mutual support. We are monitoring social events which may benefit or hurt Chinese communities, and leverage power of the alliance to magnify the beneficial ones, and mitigate damaging ones. We are also responsible of communicating with members of the alliance to excise its full potential.


Objectives of the PR team


overarching philosophy and guidance to help Chinese communities fully integrate with American society to deal with sensitive topics related to racial and social issues resulting from the coronavirus.


and establish relationships with various organizations (both Chinese and non-Chinese)  and government agencies.


experts/professionals (community leaders, lawyers, politicians, government officials) to map out processes to handle instances of discrimination and provide the necessary resources to deal with those instances.

How to contact the team 

Email us

Reach out to the team for community collaboration, report of racial and social issues, or resource sharing. Here is our email