About Us

WeStar Alliance

WeStar Alliance is a group of more than 50 Chinese organizations formed to fight COVID-19 Virus.

Our Story

Established at the beginning of 2020, WeStar Alliance is dedicated to fairness, justice, peace and humanity. More than 50 Chinese American associations in New England united to support China in fighting COVID-19. The Alliance was rapidly formed to collect donations and send the urgently needed medical supplies to the hospitals in China. Most medical supplies was sent to the temporary hospitals, known as FangCang, and permanent hospitals in Wuhan, the city that suffered most in China.

As the pandemic has spread to the U.S., the Alliance is now focusing on supporting the U.S. by collecting donations, procuring medical supplies from China, and distributing them to hospitals, police stations, senior homes, and other places with urgent need. The initiative also includes but not limited to watching the discriminatory situation for and offering support to the Chinese Americans, and help the Chinese American businesses survive during the pandemic. It also shares verified the pandemic related information with the community.

After the pandemic tapers off, the Alliance will help the people in need to restore their lives and businesses.

And our journey will continue.

What We Do

Raise the awareness

Chinese communities are integral parts of neighborhoods during the period by contributing LOVE, leadership, funds, and service.

We’re here to serve

Strive to be the go-to group to serve the community for societal matters.

Inspire the next generation

Inspire the next generation of Chinese Americans with our leadership

Our Partners Organizations

  • Weston WeStar
  • Needham  华协 (CFN)
  • Lexington 华协 (CAAL)
  • Wellesley 华协 (WeCAN) 
  • Wellesley 中文学校 (WCLS)
  • 波士顿川渝同乡会
  • 波士顿华人摄影协会 (BCPA)
  • 北美华人呼吸协会(CALA)
  • 波士顿北京同乡会
  • North-Southborough 湖北后援团
  • Belmont 湖北后援团
  • 波士顿云南同乡会
  • 北美杭州同乡会
  • 波士顿浙江人微信群
  • 美国华人联合会麻州分会 (UCA MA)
  • 沙龙华协
  • 喜洋洋乐队
  • 剑桥中国文化中心 (CCCC)
  • 亚美联谊会
  • 波士顿福建总商会
  • 牛顿华人协会 (CAAN)
  • 纽英伦中华资讯网路协会(NECINA)
  • Sudbury 华协 (CAAS)
  • 兰亭聚雅书法协会
  • 波士顿洪湖老乡会
  • 麻州山东人协会/大波士顿山东同乡会
  • 美中医学交流协会(ACMES)
  • 海外华人企业家联合会 (OCEAN)
  • 波士顿河南同乡会
  • 大波士顿区中华文化协会(GBCCA)
  • Hopkinton 华协
  • ACMES 武汉同乡会
  • Carlisle Chinese
  • 美國麻省般若寺 (AWA)
  • 波士顿菜根君组合
  • 大工海外校友会(DUTOAA)
  • 莱星文化中心 (New Legacy Cultural Center)
  • Lingzi foundation
  • 波士顿京剧协会
  • 至德三德公所
  • 大波士顿中国和平统一促进会 (APUC)
  • 武汉华师一附中校友会北美协会和美國麻省大学华人校友会
  • 西木华人之家(Westwood华人群)
  • America Weston academy
  • Donation Box
  • Flat World Foundation (FWF)
  • 杜邦公司麻省中国同胞会
  • 牛顿中文学校 (Newton Chinese Language School)
  • Newton North High School
  • Guild of Aspiring Leaders (GOAL) 北美沐阳青少年公益社
  • DrsNeedProtection2
  • Belmont华协(BCAA)
  • 全是福中文学校(CCLS)