WeStar Alliance – Missions and Vision


The mission of the WeStar Alliance is to enlighten Chinese communities so that we can dive deeply into our potential.  This will help us enable the most positive change on our communities and neighbors during the coronavirus period. This will create an enduring culture that embraces

  • Empathy and kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Courage
  • Rationality¬†
  • Engagement


Our mission will be tested in the following dimensions after the coronavirus is over 

  • Raise the awareness that Chinese communities are integral parts of neighborhoods during the period by contributing LOVE, leadership, funds, and service. Chinese people are viewed as a strong group of people with deep empathy, unwavering perseverance, willingness to take risk, and accountability
  • Strive to be the go-to group to serve the community for societal matters
  • Inspire the next generation of Chinese Americans with our leadership

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